1 on 1 Training

NITT provides all courses one to one training 

Basics of Information Technology

  • Introduction to IT
  • Daily use of IT Devices
  • Institutional utilization and implementation of IT
  • Blessings of IT and Computer Networks
  • Data and Voice Networks
  • Computers Applications and uses

Computer Hardware (Complete Practical work)

  • Computer Hardware
  • CPU (Processor types/ ALU/CU), Data structure and Caching
  • Memory (RAM Categories/ ROM types)
  • BIOS settings and configuration
  • /Hard drive internal structure
  • Mother Board and categories of slots
  • Buses and external cards (Sound card, VGA card, Modem, NIC, ISA Slots)
  • Registers (Address register, Data register, Data internal structure)

Data Communications (Complete Practical work on real environment Devices)

  • Data Networks and Communication
  • Network Topologies
  • Gateway/ Routers and Configurations
  • Computer Configuration/ NIC
  • OSI Layers
  • IP Addressing and Sub netting
  • MAC Address and it’s utility
  • Ethernet LAN
  • Token Ring/ ARCNET
  • Switches / HUB/ Bridge
  • LAN Cabling and Connectivity Techniques

Fundamentals of the Internet
Applications and uses of computer
Security and Copy Right
Windows Operating System/ Linux
Office Automation (Word, Excel & PowerPoint Only)