What is Cisco Networking Academy Program?

The Cisco Networking Academy puts everything you need to deliver a top-quality IT skills and career building program into a single online learning platform.

  • 1 million people log in each month to learn and teach.
  •  20,000 instructors have become certified to teach the Networking Academy curriculum.
  • 155 million exams have been taken online to date in the online learning platform. Online Learning Platform Features As new technologies change the way we learn, Cisco Networking Academy is evolving to provide a consistent and engaging experience.
  • Set up and manage courses online, add students and instructors, monitor their success, and customize their experience
  • Enhance instruction and customize courses by embedding content from social media channels
  • Simplify classroom management with discussion boards, multimedia chat, alerts, notifications, blogs, and more
  • Manage the success of your program with data dashboards and reporting
  • Collaborate wherever you are in the world in a global learning community
  • Set yourself up for success with notifications to your phone or email, alerts, and calendars About Cisco Networking Academy Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. More than 6 million people have joined the Networking Academy and become a force for change in the digital economy since 1997.

How to enroll in CISCO Networking Program?

Enroll in a Course Cisco Networking Academy works with educators and employers worldwide to identify job trends and shape local programs to get you hired. Become a member by taking a course—online or at a local academy.

  1.  Find a course that fits your career aspirations and skill level.
  2. Find an academy that offers the course. Follow their registration process.
  3. Log in and begin your course. Self-paced courses are open to existing users. Once you have taken an instructor-led course, log in to enroll in a self-paced course.

What is CCNA certification benefits in career?

CCNA is one of the most vouched and valued IT certification throughout the world. As much as or even more than 1 million CCNA certificates have been awarded since it was first launched in 1998. A young lad looking to enter the field of computer networking should take the certification process very seriously.

  1. Knowledge In the process of getting your CCNA certification you are sure to increase your knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Even if you have years and years of experience in the field, you would definitely increase your knowledge and skills.
  2. Job Searching You can apply for a job as a Network Engineer / Network Administrator Assistant Network Administrator/Engineer Network Associate / Junior Engineer IT Support / IT Officer Network Support
  3. Salary Increment Your next salary increment could be just around the corner after getting your certification. One of my friends got as much as 100% increase in his salary after getting his certification. You would tell that 100% increase is just unreal, yes it is possible if you have a good track record and are willing to switch jobs.
  4. Respect Getting a CCNA certificates commands a certain amount of respect from your colleagues and employer. Some of your colleagues would have also tried to get certified, but could not get certified. So, this achievement of yours deserves a back-patting.
  5. Employer benefits Many employers like to employ certified people because it demands a well standing in the ever-increasing and competitive IT field. That is the reason many employers bear the cost of certification. It’s a kind of mutual give and takes.