Internet of Things (IOT)

Course Duration: 2.5 Months

Course Fee: Contact Us for fee detail.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical items, gadgets, vehicles, structures and different things, installed with hardware/software, sensors, and system network, which empowers these items to gather and trade information.

The course is intended for experts with fundamental information of electronic circuit plan, micro controllers and programming dialects. The course acquaints you with propel ideas and techniques to configuration, manufacture, and send IoT arrangements. It acquaints members with pervasive correspondence advancements and conventions including new age IoT benevolent application and physical layer conventions. Members will pick up a sound comprehension of generally acknowledged IoT systems and guidelines. The course covers well known, benefit rich cloud stages to instruct how to construct and convey IoT arrangements. Functional utilize cases and contextual analyses have been incorporated to make adapting more down to earth and experiential. Installations

Course Outline

  • Required micro-controller
  • Install Raspberry pi firmware
  • USB to Serial
  • Download a driver software for your development board
  • Install board packages and Drivers (Libraries)
  • Led on off
  • Blink
  • How does the program work?
  • Explore the Raspberry pi 3 IDE
  • General Purpose Input Output
  • Basic tools and electronic components
  • Digital Output — “my Blink”
  • Basic Sketch Programming
  • GPIO configuration
  • Working with breadboard and circuit configuration
  • Debugging Your Sketch Using Serial Monitor
  • View Graph/waveform using Serial Plotter
  • Send data using Serial monitor
  • Digital Input
  • Monitoring input from digital sensors
  • Using built-in pull-up resistors
  • Analog Input
  • Adjustable Blink
  • Pulse-width Modulation: PWM
  • Generating an analog signal from pulse-width modulation
  • Dimming an LED with PWM
  • Temperature sensor: LM35
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor: DHT series
  • Configure Web Server on Raspberry pi 3
  • Configure Apache and MySQL
  • Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
  • Play around with MQTT
  • Publish and Subscribe using Mobile Devices
  • Publish and Subscribe using Micro-controller (MCU)