Comprised of qualified and highly-experienced technicians, our teams maintain a superior standard of workmanship and performance through rigorous supervision of installation, testing and adjustment work.

Quality Assurance

ISElevator’s quality assurance team conducts thorough inspections of equipment before commissioning in order to ensure compliance with local codes as well as our own high quality standards. In addition, annual inspections of equipment are carried out to ensure optimum performance with a strong emphasis on safety.


ISElevator’s reliable and highly-efficient maintenance team carries out proper servicing of equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of elevators and escalators, with a round-the-clock back-up service to tackle any problems which may occur during operation. With the continuous training and stringent guidelines implemented by ISElevator, its service team provides optimum performance at all times.

Training and Engineering Support

Our in-house training programmes conducted in Pakistan provide its technicians with the latest technology and skills in elevator and escalator maintenance.Special diagnostic tools and maintenance tools developed by us in Pakistan further enhance the level of safety and performance. In addition to our local technicians, its foriegn engineers are also stationed in Pakistan to give appropriate technical advice.

Free Workshops

We offers several workshops to the active and Intelligent students free of cost. Provide great help to the student  to choose or decide about his/her future. those workshops contains lots of helping material and information about different things.